Diabetes Self-Management

The Do-It-Yourself Gym

t’s not always possible to get to a gym, especially nowadays, and many of them cost an arm and a leg, anyway. But some of the equipment often used to build a home gym is expensive, cumbersome and, well, boring. How many of us have bought a pricey

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Sleep Hygiene
You know a healthy diet, regular exercise and keeping extra weight off can benefit your diabetes management. But did you know your sleep habits also play a role in maintaining health? Proper sleep hygiene is an important aspect of self-care. Take thi
Diabetes Self-Management3 min de lecture
Getting Exercise at Home
Q I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes some three years ago and have been using diet and exercise to control my glucose levels. However, due to COVID-19, I am homebound, unable to attend my usual fitness classes. I am also finding that I get very sle
Diabetes Self-Management3 min de lecture
FDA Requests Metformin ER Recall by Several Manufacturers
Metformin is widely considered to be the first-line drug of choice for type 2 diabetes, and its overall record of safety and efficacy is impressive. Unlike older classes of type 2 diabetes drugs, metformin doesn’t seem to raise the risk of hypoglycem