Diabetes Self-Management

Back to Routine

ow would usually be the time to start preparing for going back to school or work after a summer break. Life is very different at the moment, and many people will be returning to a new routine of working from home or remote learning due to the coronavirus. But no matter what type of schedule you’re transitioning to for the fall, this change doesn’t

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Diabetes Self-Management6 min de lecture
Ways to Support Your Immune System
We have so many things on our minds right now: social distancing, returning to work and school routines, making sure we have a face covering available, and wondering what our world will be like in the months and years ahead. A lot of us are wondering
Diabetes Self-Management9 min de lecture
Working From Home
Are you someone who’s living with diabetes and working from home? If so, it’s essential to learn how to stay organized and manage your time in order to be efficient and successful at your job and best manage your diabetes. Building routines and habit
Diabetes Self-Management3 min de lecture
FDA Requests Metformin ER Recall by Several Manufacturers
Metformin is widely considered to be the first-line drug of choice for type 2 diabetes, and its overall record of safety and efficacy is impressive. Unlike older classes of type 2 diabetes drugs, metformin doesn’t seem to raise the risk of hypoglycem