Country Life

Bleak harvest

THE rumble of the combines has continued far into the night, each one moving across the land like some great tank: lights blazing, dust blowing, gathering huge swathes of corn and leaving a trail of straw as it spits out grain into the trailer moving alongside. No one stops for a moment as they strive to get the harvest in while the weather

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On The Edge
WHAT if everything we were told about farming, that it cannot exist without hurting the environment, without hurting Nature, was wrong? What if, instead of damaging Nature, farming could help it flourish and that, as well as restoring habitats, we co
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There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills
THE hills are alive’ (Walking life, April 7) brought back happy memories of the time I lived in a small cottage at the foot of the Malvern Hills. In the evening, I would walk to Bilberry Hill to pick berries for my porridge the next day and would alw
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A ‘Chin’ And A Bib
IN Japan some ladies of quality have a ‘chin’, or Japanese pet dog, at their home that wears a bib just like a little child. The dog is very playful but seldom goes out of doors. A ball is the only one thing it plays with. It is so lovely, indeed. 1