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Horticultural Aide Mémoire
Big shrubs in big pots can be very splendid, but complacency can mean they get unjustly neglected and lose vigour. This can be easily remedied. Clean out the surface of the compost of the inevitable weeds. Then carefully scrape away the top couple of
Country Life2 min de lecture
Peaks And Troughs
DANIEL DEFOE described High Peak as ‘the most desolate, wild and abandoned country in all England’, but, as Britain’s first designated national park celebrates its 70th birthday, few people will recall a time when this striking Peak District landscap
Country Life2 min de lecture
My favourite painting Sir Simon Mayall
Lt Gen Sir Simon Mayall (Rtd) is a Middle East adviser for the MoD. He will discuss his book Soldier in the Sand with Frank Gardner on April 27, for the Virtual Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch ( Cock-fighting was considered “dis