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If these months at home have given you time to explore new interests or pointed towards a different way of life, a course could go a long way towards expanding your horizons. Fortunately, there is no shortage of subjects and places to study, whether you’re embarking on a new career path through a well-known institution or deepening your knowledge with a workshop offered by individuals with particular expertise in a subject.

Aside from expanding a skillset, taking a course with friends will cement existing bonds. Embarked upon independently, it is a chance to add to a friendship group. There is nothing quite like immersing yourself deeply in a subject with strangers for a time for helping you step out of your comfort zone in the best possible way.

While courses were available online before the pandemic, many more are now offered through digital platforms. In these

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Shelf Life
The first botanical books to be printed on paper were those writings on the medicinal uses of plants known as ‘herbals’. They didn’t contain anything very innovative for the time – rather, they were inky presentations of ideas put forth as far back a
The English Garden4 min de lectureNature
Not Just for Christmas
Is there a conifer that’s more Christmassy than spruce? The resinous scent of a fresh Norway spruce (Picea abies) encapsulates Christmas. It used to be the Christmas tree of choice until the Nordmann fir (Abies nordmanniana) came along and challenged
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Richard is an award-winning garden photographer based in Suffolk, who travels widely photographing beautiful gardens for books, magazines and garden designers. Find his images of Beckley Park on page 24. 2018’s European Garden Photographer of the Ye