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Big Hit
Rodney Smith and Dustin Payton picked up $12,690 for their win in the #10.5 Ariat World Series of Team Roping qualifier in Andrews, Texas, produced by Mathews Land and Cattle. They roped four steers in 34.01 seconds to secure their spot at the 2021 A
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Feed Cart
Taking you into the feed room of the best in the business. 2016 All-Around Champion Alfalfa, Twice a day ProForce Senior, $24 Crude Protien: 14.0% Crude Fat: 11.0% Crude Fiber: 17.0% SafeChoice Perform Pellet, $20 Crude Protien: 14.0% Crude Fat: 9.0
The Team Roping Journal2 min de lecture
Perspective: How To Find It
Question: How do you work on your mental game? What tactics do you think a person should use to improve their confidence and focus? —Samantha Williams; Chattanooga, Tennessee Answer: This isn’t the easiest question to answer, because it’s like teac