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Young volunteers

Most of the volunteers are well past retirement age, but there are several younger volunteers and all of them are enthusiastic railway evangelists.

The future for Nicholas Trounson-Harris was mapped out when he

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The Shed4 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Russell’s Radials
There is something evocative, and very old school, about the clattering rumble of a radial aircraft engine. The term ‘radial’ comes from the Latin word radius, which originally referred to the spokes on a cart wheel and the way they start at the cent
The Shed1 min de lecture
• Eye protection is very important as bits of swarf (metal turnings) fly off the cutting tool. Always avoid the area at the side of the chuck when the lathe is running as anything that may come adrift would be flung into this ‘rotating zone’.• Ensure
The Shed5 min de lecture
Bike Caravan
Leslie Junior — LJ to his friends — liked to steal bikes. He was 14 and living on the streets of Christchurch. With the help of his friends, he would steal the bikes, trash them, and dump them out the back of his mother’s house. This worked well unti