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Enchanter by name and enchanting by nature, this creeping native bears tiny andcomes from Circe, an enchantress featuring in Homer's ; the alternative moniker Sorcerer of Paris-is from , the Latin name for the French capital.

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Country Life3 min de lecture
Silence Is Golden
LOCKDOWN has dominated our thoughts and our relationships, let alone almost every news broadcast, for nearly 12 months. At first, we felt we’d be free by Easter, then by Christmas and, finally, that we’d be able to go away this summer. Now, even that
Country Life5 min de lecture
Where Angels Tread
THE year of Covid-19 has been organised rather on university lines, with terms and (relative) vacations. Of course, lockdowns one to three have lacked the social elements of Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity and their equivalents, just as the holidays h
Country Life4 min de lecture
Forces Of Nature
WHEN a Russian oligarch ‘choppered’ into Shrewsbury School to have an introductory lunch with his son’s housemaster, he was alarmed to discover that he was a retired army officer. ‘He politely asked what on earth a soldier was doing as a housemaster,