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Heavenly scent JASMINE

ou’re sitting outside, taking in the warming sun, and suddenly the perfume hits you. Someone down the street has planted jasmine and its scent has wafted into your garden to remind you that you need to plant one of your own. Let it clamber over a trellis or cascade over a fence. Curl

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Get The Look
Photography Simon Griffiths. Prices are approximate and a guide only. ■
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Knitting Stitch Guide
When casting on a seam stitch, do not increase by knitting into front and back of stitch. Make a loop with yarn as shown and slip onto lefthand needle, pulling up stitch firmly, then work as first stitch of row. To make an extra stitch, with lefthand
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Box Up Your Vegies
Sometimes the best spot for your vegie garden is also the place where you want to sit and take time out, entertain or encourage the kids to let off some steam. So make the area multi-purpose – vegie plot most of the time, your space other times – wit