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Making Tracks
When Moonlight director Barry Jenkins first heard about the Underground Railroad he imagined an actual train. “Yeah,” Jenkins laughs, “as a child I felt Black people were capable of anything! That they were capable of building trains beneath the feet
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Travelling Theroux
Debuting on AppleTV+ as a seven-part drama, the new adap of Paul Theroux’s lauded novel The Mosquito Coast (1981) is a family affair both on and off camera. Framed as a prequel to the book, it’s executive produced by the author’s nephew, Justin Thero
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Mischief Maker
01 Your saviour is here! Despite carking it in Infinity War, Thor’s bro scarpered with the Tesseract (aka Space Stone) in Endgame, breaking reality in the process. This has landed him in hot water with… 02 …The Time-Keepers, formally known as the Tim