New American Paintings

Lava Thomas

Berkeley, CA / @lavathomas

Through an oeuvre that includes drawing, sculpture, and sitespecific installation, I strive to connect people across distance and difference, using my practice to bridge our common

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New American Paintings1 min de lecture
Justyn Hegreberg
Napa, CA 503.312.2192 / / @justynhegreberg As if in a dream, free-floating hands, eyes, and mostly mouths coexist with doodles, calculations, and inscriptions. I make this discrete body of
New American Paintings2 min de lecture
Ellen George
Vancouver, WA 503.222.0063 (PDX CONTEMPORARY ART) I begin each painting with a thin line of silverpoint or gold point. Many of these delicate markings are layered within the chalky gouache brushstrokes. Visible
New American Paintings1 min de lecture
Lilian Martinez
Yucca Valley, CA 323.641.7177 (Ochi Projects) @bfgf Lilian Martinez’s work reconciles past with present and future, combining elements from art history and classical architecture with contemporary pop-cultural references. Martinez is interested in ex