Plus de New American Paintings

New American Paintings1 min de lecture
Jennie Jieun Lee
New York City, NY 212.560.0670 (Martos Gallery) / Jennie Jieun Lee uses rich imagery and textured marks to create her ceramics and installations. Busts, masks, wall works, and vessels covered in abstra
New American Paintings2 min de lecture
Christine Tien Wang
San Francisco, CA 323.589.1135 (Night Gallery) My paintings combine photorealistic images and mannered texts. The text is oftentimes humorous and sardonic, commenting on current events, pop culture, sexual desire, commodity
New American Paintings1 min de lecture
Steven Stodor
San Francisco, CA / / @_stodor_ Through multiple layers of Mylar, transparent colored plastic, and spray paint, under resin, I create minimalistic, nonrepresentational abstractions. Each piece is a study of color, color