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Adam Henson

“ The benefits of our rare and native breeds are being realised at last ”

Some people collect stamps or coins, others are into antiques or online gaming. But I’m dedicated to a living cause: Britain’s rare farm breeds. I’ve been devoted to our native historic livestock since I was a.

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Your Countryside
I was interested in Sonya Patel Ellis’ feature ‘Treasure Hunting’ in the March issue as I too have been collecting treasures that I’ve found on beaches, in fields, on mountains and in deserts from my travels, both in the UK and abroad. These include
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At first, our eyes wonder if we are looking at a close-up image of yellow and green lichen growing on a boulder beside a rockpool, before realising this is, in fact, a bird’s-eye view of the coast. In May, Clashach Cove on the Moray Coastal Trail, no
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Spacious Daypacks
The all-new Cholatse is a highly technical four-season pack, with dedicated fixtures for carrying serious alpine equipment, including trekking poles and ice-axe. The easy-to-adjust back system keeps the pack away from your skin and prevents sweatines