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A-Z Of House Plants
For an instantly cool and contemporary vibe in your home, simply add Monstera deliciosa. An instantly recognisable symbol of house-plant obsession everywhere, this tropical beauty has inspired the design of everything from jewellery to wallpaper. Als
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Your Pruning Month
What is it about the month of May that gives joy to the soul when we look at our gardens? Is it the flush of verdant leaves or the peonies, spireas and purple haze of ceanothus, all vying to catch our attention? With the warmer temperatures and extra
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Choosing Your Containers
• Terracotta pots – take care to choose ‘frost proof’ rather than ‘frost resistant’. When growing large plants permanently in terracotta pots, prune their roots and repot every three years to prevent cracking. • Composite materials – some of these ar