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BBC Gardeners' World2 min de lecture
The Good Gift Guide
Ditch the plastic without compromising on style or function. This indoor plant pot is made from a biodegradable polymer derived from corn starch. It is non-toxic and available in a range of colours. Height 12cm (larger sizes custom made). £18, etsy.
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20 Minutes To Spare
Clear and clean up paths around and between your veg beds. These can harbour weeds and pests, which will colonise your beds when the weather gets warmer, so it’s worth maintaining paths now. Remove any weeds – a heat gun is good for hard paths. Repai
BBC Gardeners' World2 min de lectureArchitecture
Around The Garden
We prune the willow hedge every December while it’s dormant. The variety, Salix ‘Flanders Red’, provides good material for weaving and, with willow’s ready ability to root, propagating. The willows are pruned to the pollard head, a gnarly bump like