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What’s on the label

aming the cure, the wood used to smoke, or the farm of origin is not a sign of quality. ‘Outdoor-reared’ and ‘outdoor-bred’ will only guarantee the animal has been free-ranged for part of its

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With two bank holidays ahead of us this month, here are my top tips for eating outside this summer Paper plates go soggy as soon as your salad dressing hits them. Instead, I have a collection of enamel plates and cups that I use for picnics and campi
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This is a really clever (and foolproof) way of quickly thickening a sauce or gravy. It’s a 50/50 mix of plain flour and soft butter which has been mashed together into a uniform paste. This can be whisked, a little at a time, into a simmering sauce o
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At BBC Good Food, we seek realistic solutions to avoid food waste and packaging, and adhere to the three Rs: 1) Reducing food waste 2) Recycling packaging 3) Reusing food storage packaging and containers. To find out more, go to bbcgoodfood. com/redu