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pring is finally here (hopefully!), and this issue of is chock-full of bikes that will enhance your riding experience throughout the cycling year, so in these pages we focus on where that riding should take place as we look at the events you need to be a part of in 2020.

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Cycling Plus3 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Boardman Adv 8.8
The Boardman ADV 8.8 is the cheapest bike in this test, but we’ve often found that bikes from Boardman punch above their weight. Putting together a build to suit any budget requires trade-offs and at this price it takes attention to what makes a bike
Cycling Plus8 min de lecture
Mountains According to G
So you know all about Alpe d’Huez. Everyone does. It’s an icon, a target, a dream. It’s a t-shirt, a poster, a tattoo. You’ve followed the battles and counted the hairpins and maybe even been among the street-corner parties that watch it all go by. B
Cycling Plus3 min de lecture
Crash Dummy
A pattern is beginning to emerge. Both my visits to hospitals after falling off a bike have happened with a revealing simplicity of thought in the immediate aftermath of the Tour de France. Both incidents are differently embarrassing. The first crash