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THIS MONTH… three podcasts on World War I social history

World War One at home


The conflict that engulfed much of the world from 1914 to

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History Revealed1 min de lecture
Did You Know?
The book of Maccabees in the Bible recounts how Eleazar Avaran died at the battle of Beit Zechariah in 162 BC after thrusting a spear through the belly of an elephant while underneath. The animal collapsed on top of him. Joseph Goebbels, Minister of
History Revealed2 min de lecture
Christopher Wilson
Why did you choose to set your novel during the plague of the 14th century? I wrote this pre-Covid-19, but changes of climate – atmospheric and political – cast an ominous chill. A drama needs conflict and jeopardy, and a plague provides plenty. It’
History Revealed1 min de lecture
This Month’s Big Numbers
1996 The year that the secret activities of the WWII Ghost Army were finally declassified 200m The number of lives estimated to have been saved by penicillin 60 The number of senators who played a role in the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC