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he Normans brought a new type of building to Britain: castles. Before 1066, there

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The Murder Of Thomas Becket
Thomas Becket was a man who rose quickly through the ranks of the Catholic church but whose demise was even swifter, not to mention more bloody and brutal. Born in London in around 1120, when his property-owning father hit financial difficulties, the
History Revealed1 min de lecturePolitical Ideologies
Big Numbers: Women In World War I
9% The percentage of men under 45 in Britain who died fighting during the war – known as the ‘lost generation’, their absence left many women without husbands and fiancés as well as fathers, brothers and more 50,000 The number of women who were empl
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Photo Finish
As World War II dragged on, Britain found itself facing a severe coal shortage due to a lack of manpower in its mines. To solve the crisis, thousands of young men – known as Bevin Boys after Minister of Labour Ernest Bevin – were conscripted to serve