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Kimchi and kombucha

10 years ago, Somerset residents Gordon Woodcock and Katie Venner built an oven in the woods, baked sourdough in it, and sold the resulting loaves in the village shop..

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British Cheeseboard Heroes
Over the years, British producers have perfected camembert, brie and blue cheeses but one cheese has always eluded them: the Alpine style. The French nail it with comte, with its complex flavours and moreish texture. It wasn’t until 2017 that somethi
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Festive Spirits
A Christmas pud-inspired creation with citrus, figs, cinnamon, raisins, vanilla and currents macerated in Black Cow’s smooth, creamy vodka. The end result has sweet spice and dried fruit notes. Add a dash of it to champagne. £25/50cl; blackcow.co.uk
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Patrick Powell is head chef of Allegra, a modern European restaurant, bar and terrace on the 7th floor of The Stratford Hotel in east London. This is a destination restaurant for serious food lovers – menus feature local, hyper-seasonal ingredients,