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Sweet And Neat
How and when did you learn to crochet? I began crocheting eight years ago. It all began after finding a cute little bookshop on holiday. I love to support small businesses so was determined to buy a book from there. I looked through the craft sectio
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How Do I Work Spiral Rounds?
Spiral rounds are something that most crocheters don’t come across… until you start making amigurumi toys. Most amigurumi toy patterns will ask you to work at least some of the pieces in spiral rounds, but don’t worry it’s really easy – so easy that
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Rain Or Shine
• MillaMia Naturally Soft Cotton (100% cotton, 50g/165m) 1 ball of each: Yarn A Baby Blue (323) Yarn B English Rose (342) Yarn C Flamingo (341) Yarn D Lemon Yellow (333) Yarn E Sweetpea (352) Yarn F Duck Egg Teal (351) Yarn G Indigo Purple (321)• A 2