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I’m getting some beautiful pictures from my mother-in-law who is showing me her growing baby projects. I’m so pleased I shared my love of knitting and crochet with my nearest and dearest - it’s really paying off! It’s a real challenge for me, and kni
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Mrs Tiggy – Winkle™
Start at the base. Cast on 6 sts using 3mm needles and Yarn C. Row 1 (WS) Purl. Row 2 *Kfb; rep from * to end. [12 sts] Row 3 Purl. Row 4 *K1, (kfb) twice; rep from * to end. [20 sts] Row 5 Purl. Row 6 *K1, kfb; rep from * to end. [30 sts] Row 7 Purl
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Charity Of The MONTH
Ginny and Gertie, co-founders of Woolly Hugs Charity Woolly Hugs Established 2012 What do you do? Woolly Hugs is a friendly, busy online community making blankets, and is run entirely on a voluntary basis. It is hoped that through our work, babies, c