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We’re living in a sleep-deficit epidemic and it’s having a major impact on our health. This lack of sleep isn’t just due to modern life’s need to keep us awake replying to emails, interacting on social media or watching TV. In fact, many of us have trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep once we do. And while there are many things that can cause this, one place we often forget to look for an answer is our hormones.

Many of us go about our everyday lives without giving our hormones much thought, unless you’re a woman experiencing hormonal imbalances, or a man speaking to a doctor about why you suddenly have belly fat or a sudden lack of motivation or sex drive, for example. But no matter your age or gender, hormones are hard at work in your body every day, and control so much of your life.

The research on hormones is fascinating, with new science emerging all the time. What we know – and continue to learn more

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In The Moment1 min de lectureArchitecture
Dahlias are the highlight of the late summer. Keep picking them and one dahlia tuber will produce hundreds of flowers. I grow dahlias in nearly all their shapes and forms, from delicate singles to the gravity-defying ‘dinner plate’ varieties. Dahlias
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Flourishing Notes
This pretty ‘Wellesley Blossom’ tablet cover comes in Cath Kidston’s trademark (and oh so practical) wipe-clean oilcloth – perfect if you’re out in the garden taking pictures, surfing the web for planting advice or typing up some notes for next year’
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Creating A Flower Chandelier
This is what we call a blockbuster! If you’re celebrating an important event and want something a bit different and extra-special, then this is the one. It’s a great way to show off some of the best flowers of the season and really play with the stru