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I’ve been thinking about car finance too much recently. And whenever I do, it’s hard not to conclude that the way we buy cars has become dangerously contorted.

Back in the day, my parents used to write cheques for their cars. They weren’t especially fancy, but the fact they could write a cheque for the amount suggests they could

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BBC Top Gear Magazine2 min de lectureAutomotive
Morgan Plus Four
REPORT 7 £62,995 OTR/£71,245 as tested/£279pcm (Morgan finance scheme) WHY IT’S HERE They claim the Plus Four is a modern Morgan. Time to see if it’s true DRIVER Stephen Dobie DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE’S A 60 PENCE TOLL FOR CROSSING THE Thames? I didn’
BBC Top Gear Magazine1 min de lecture
Porsche 911 Gt3
Obviously you’ll want a paint-to-sample colour. If not, Python Green with gold rims looks the business, as usual. Aren’t we a bit done with flat ‘Crayon’ grey now? And the blue pinstripe wheels are only fit for the bin.
BBC Top Gear Magazine2 min de lectureAutomotive
Extremely Slow Sports Cars
A truly rubbish joint venture V6 designed by Peugeot, Renault and Volvo, the DeLorean’s 2.8-litre motor generated just 130bhp. It should’ve been mid-engined with a lustier Ford V6, but the weighty American motor wouldn’t fit in the engine bay. Whoops