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Decorating with foliage

Plant stores seem to be sprouting up left and right these days, some specialising in succulents and purifying ficus trees, others crammed with dried leaves and flowers for DIY decoration. Friends get together

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Hanging About
If you want to work up to something as dramatic as Hilton Carter’s plant hammock (page 72), a simpler step is hanging some plants. These look great in groups, especially if you hang them at different heights. Let the texture of the pots play a part i
Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom2 min de lecture
Making Your Own Terrarium
To make your closed terrarium, you will need a demijohn, compost, small stones, activated charcoal, carpet moss and some ferns. You can also use humidity-loving plants such as fittonia. You will also need a selection of tools as instructed in the ste
Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom1 min de lecture
6 Jade Plant
The jade plant, commonly called the money plant, is a very popular succulent houseplant that’s been found on shelves for generations. (It’s not to be confused with the money tree, which is the common name for Pachira aquatica.) Once established as a