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Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom1 min de lecture
Good Enough To Eat!
You could hardly fail to notice the popularity of making Christmas wreaths – last winter just about every florist and craft shop advertised these creative classes. But wreaths aren’t just for the festive season – they’re a novel way to bring more gre
Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom1 min de lecture
11 String Of Hearts
Love will definitely be in the air with this charming, trailing semi-succulent vine. Ceropegia woodii has small heart-shaped leaves with a delightful green lace pattern that grow in opposite pairs along a trailing vine. The pinkish-purple undersides
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Tools, Light And Watering
Very little specialist equipment is needed for good plant care but as your obsession grows you might like treat yourself to an elegant mister and miniature gardening tools. The basic building blocks for every plant’s survival are light, water and car