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Think in manageable squares as even a small piece of ground can make you feel unsure where to start. For the sake of easy maths, I divide my patch into squares of 25x25cm. So my 2x2m plot becomes a grid of eight by eight squares. I draw this out on a piece of paper as a start. Next I look through my list of flowers and note the recommended planting distances (see our pull-out chart on

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Wall-to-wall Heaven
While you’re dreaming of discovering the perfect container for your new terrarium (see page 14), plan a feature wall for your living room with Sanderson’s new Glasshouse wallpaper range. Its Terrariums design is filled with botanical beauties (cacti
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For Your Living Room
It’s tempting to gather armfuls of greenery when you visit a houseplant store and end up with a shopping basket resembling a miniature jungle. Slow down, take your time, choose each plant with care and start with just one. Your experience will grow a
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3 Delta Maidenhair Fern
With its arching, wiry, black stems and delicate, pale green, triangular fronds, Delta maidenhair fern is everything you’d want from an elegant fern. This charming and graceful plant is often grown in terrariums where humidity levels are high and it