Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom

Colander cool



* An old colander

* Hanging basket chain

* Multi-liner for hanging baskets

* Pot tape (optional)

* A selection of plants (French marigolds and viola work well)

* Compost

Size: Varies

Skill level: Easy

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Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom4 min de lecture
Propagation Techniques
Plant types: Begonia, Peperomia, Saintpaulia Secateurs, rooting aid/hormone (optional), propagating pots or tray filled with soil Using secateurs or scissors, trim off a healthy leaf close to the stem. Remove the petiole (the stalk that joins the
Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom5 min de lecture
Why Live With Plants ?
Our love of houseplants has deep roots. History has recorded that the ancient Greeks filled their villas with violets in terracotta tubs, while the Romans preferred blowsy roses in marble urns. The Chinese grew miniature trees in dishes. The Pharaohs
Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom1 min de lecture
Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom
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