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Who Do You Think You Are?1 min de lecture
Digital Picks deep-nostalgia Free MyHeritage’s latest photo tool drew headlines when it launched in February. Deep Nostalgia uses artificial intelligence to bring the faces in photographs back to life, including smiling, blinking and moving th
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The Census 1861
For the first time this year the census in Scotland was conducted from Edinburgh under the direction of a Scottish registrar general. The man in charge, 60-year-old William Pitt Dundas, had been in post since the Registration Act which came into effe
Who Do You Think You Are?1 min de lecture
Norfolk Surnames
CURSON This habitational name comes from Notre-Dame-de-Courson, a former commune in Normandy, north-west France. DACK Dack was a nickname for a person who had a gait like a duck when they walked. EKE This surname derives from the Old Norse word for a