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Who Do You Think You Are?3 min de lectureCrime & Violence
The Police
Although France’s Gendarmerie can trace its history back to the Middle Ages, in Britain modern policing really began in 1749, when London magistrate and Tom Jones author Henry Fielding employed six men from his office at 4 Bow Street in Covent Garden
Who Do You Think You Are?1 min de lecture
My Family Album
My grandfather George Dehayen took this photo of his wife Georgina with him when he went to war. My great great uncle was an official naval artist in Weymouth during the Second World War. My great great grandmother Mary Wilson, aged 16 in 1925. Ge
Who Do You Think You Are?1 min de lecture
The official report is available at w Histpop provides access to population reports for Britain and Ireland for 1801–1937. The National Archives, 2008 This is a useful guide. HMSO for the Public