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We received so many fantastic reviews! Introducing our first lucky winner: here’s what TG reader Sasha had to say about the new book by Jacqueline Harvey!

So vivid!

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Total Girl4 min de lecture
Hanging with RM
Team TG: Hey RM! Congrats on the global success of ‘Dynamite’. What excited you the most about releasing a song that is sung entirely in English? It was never the plan to release a song in English – it was just sort of something that happened. It to
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100% Totally Embarrassing
Can you guess the star behind these silly face filters? We’ll give you a clue… 1. You might not recognise this star without her signature high ponytail! 2. We can’t stop staring at those ocean eyes... 3. Even as a baby, this star rocks a colour
Total Girl4 min de lecture
BTS With Andy Triew
Hey Andy! What was it like interviewing BTS back in 2015, only two years after they debuted their first single album? It was an amazing time for K-pop back in 2015 because Big Bang was the biggest boy band in the world and they really opened doors f