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ago, Evil’s Wreckoning was one of the original monster-truck 29ers. With 160mm of travel and slack angles, it was built for speed and shared the

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Cold-weather Kit
Cold wind can nip at your ears and blow down your collar, so it’s a good idea to protect these parts with Buff-style neck tubes, which can also be folded up to form a headband. When the mercury really plummets, an under-helmet skullcap can be a lifes
Mountain Biking UK1 min de lecture
Improve Your Balance
Open your hands in your attack position – you shouldn’t be pulling or pushing with your hands, just balanced on your feet. ■
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Scandi Flick
When you start feeling more confident, it really pays to weight the front wheel as you approach the corner. This will make the back end lighter, which will help you to swing it round the turn quickly. Then you need to be ready to reload the rear whee