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pioneered lines, styles, locations and tricks. Appearing in countless video segments and on myriad magazine covers in the ’90s (Schley)

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Mountain Biking UK1 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Mechs have a high and a low limit screw, marked H and L. These stop the derailleur moving too far across at either end of its range, to prevent the chain dropping off the top of the cassette into the spokes, or off the smallest sprocket and becoming
Mountain Biking UK2 min de lecture
Russell has been riding mountain bikes for almost as long as there have been mountain bikes to ride. Committed to the suffering of the long-distance XC rider, he’s never happier than when the fuel needle drops below zero and there’s one more big hill
Mountain Biking UK1 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Shimano Deore Xt
Few products have stood the test of time like Shimano’s Deore XT groupset. The winner of this issue’s drivetrain test (p94) has its origins way back in 1982, when the Japanese brand developed a range of “superior off-road and touring components to pr