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Screen Time

Catch up on your favourite shows, watch live sports matches and explore the world vicariously via travel documentaries from your living room with a topnotch audiovisual system. Revel

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Tatler Homes Singapore3 min de lectureArchitecture
Light and Space
Defined by its minimalist white facade, this abode is surrounded by the leafy streets of the Kifissia district in Athens, Greece. Designed by Greek architect Jenny Nomikou, the property is the home of a busy Greek entrepreneur. The owner wanted to tu
Tatler Homes Singapore2 min de lectureDesign
Out Of The Box
When you’re busy planning the renovation of your home, the hinges and compartments of your wardrobe are typically not at the top of your priority list. But these finer details do matter—particularly if you want to keep your treasured belongings neatl
Tatler Homes Singapore2 min de lecture
Art Of The Mix
Years ago when Janice Koh and her husband first started looking for a new home for their family, they sought an abode that’s rich in history. When their search led them to this house, it was almost love at first sight. The semi-detached house origina