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 It’s important to use 100 percent acrylic yarn because it won’t snap. Thicker natural fibers like wool will separate and break more easily, so stay away from those. I typically use Trait Tex acrylic yarn. I get it from former braider Kelly Ward of All Dressed Up. Don’t be afraid to use color, but keep in mind using color draws attention to the mane and can highlight mistakes. If you aren’t confident

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Practical Horseman3 min de lectureDiet & Nutrition
Cold-Weather Nutrition for the Competitive Dressage Horse
As we head into changing weather conditions in the fall and then the occasionally harsh months of winter, some adjustments must be made to ensure your dressage horse stays healthy and comfortable. As cold weather approaches, there are some special co
Practical Horseman9 min de lectureMedical
Tick Trouble
Your horse is plainly not himself. He’s gone from perky to plodding in work and he flinches and pins his ears when you groom him. Last week he seemed a little off in front. That lameness improved, but now his hocks seem stiff. What’s going on? A tiny
Practical Horseman7 min de lecture
10 Hoof -Care TIPS
Healthy hooves are literally the foundation for everything you want to enjoy with your horse. Getting his hooves into top shape and keeping them that way isn’t time-consuming. It’s just a matter of building healthy-hoof practices, like the 10 I’m abo