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Hurrah, it’s our Hallowe’en issue! My nine-year-old daughter has been planning her costume since at least July, whichfor some suggestions on how to celebrate Samhain.

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Chat It's Fate4 min de lecturePsychology
A little bird song, bees or butterflies floating by, the light breeze on your skin, the warmth of the sunshine on your face – there’s no denying that gardening is good for the soul. In fact, with a few deep breaths, it’s hard to remember why you felt
Chat It's Fate3 min de lecture
HOPE Reigns Eternal
As Queen Marie Antoinette walked to the throne on the arm of her husband, King Louis XVI of France, the courtiers surrounding them murmured in awe at the radiance of their attire. Their clothes were made of the finest silks, they were dripping in the
Chat It's Fate4 min de lecture
BARRY DODDS’ Haunted Britain
THE VENUE: A15, Lincolnshire THE HAUNTING: The strange stories told by motorists driving on A15 near the village of Ruskington have become the stuff of legend – urban legends, anyway! Phantom hitchhikers, white ladies, ghostly  running men and a