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Bonds Forged In Fire
THINK of firefighters and an image instantly comes to mind of brave men risking life and limb to put out billowing infernos. But a fearless band of women recently emerged from the smoke of Cape Town’s terrifying mountain wildfire to well and truly sh
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Pic Of The Week
A worker at the Bin Salman farm in Taif, Saudi Arabia, sits among pink Damascena roses. People enjoy the fresh fragrance of the flowers which bloom in spring and grow in the western part of the desert country. The blooms are also used to produce rose
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Johnny’s low-key Jack
Fans were recently treated to a rare glimpse of JOHNNY DEPP’s rarely seen son JACK. Not much is known about Jack, who recently celebrated his 19th birthday, but in a 2014 interview Johnny (57) said he was “very proud” of his son. “My boy, Jack, has a