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Bought by Lord Glenconner in 1958, the Caribbean party island of Mustique has long attracted VIP guests, including royals and celebrities. The flashest of all was his week-long 50th birthday in 1976, culminating with the Golden Ball. With a backdrop
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Fact Or Fiction?
Have a think – you’re opening a cardboard box and you cut your finger. Do you (like me) instinctively put the wound in your mouth and, if so, is this really a good idea? In theory, it could be a bad idea, as the mouth is host to millions of bacteria,
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Q I’m 51 and started on HRT around six months ago – a mix of gel and tablets, which I take for two weeks each month. It’s stopped the flushes and sweats I was having, but a couple of weeks ago I had a bleed, like a heavy period. I wasn’t expecting th