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What is a smart road? As our cars become more and more technologically advanced, it seems that the logical progression would be for our roads to follow suit. In the UK stretches of ‘smart motorways’ have already

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How It Works1 min de lectureAstronomy & Space Sciences
How This Junk Is Created
Unspent fuel in tanks and rocket thrusters can explode accidentally, for example due to heat stress. In the past, before fragmentation hazards were understood, satellites were sometimes blown up at the end of a mission. Objects here probably belong t
How It Works2 min de lectureBiology
Creating The Park
It’s been determined that when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, the global temperature would have been around four degrees Celsius higher than it is today. An island in a tropical region of the globe would provide temperatures that many dinosaurs would be
How It Works1 min de lectureAstronomy & Space Sciences
Our Cosmic Junkyard
Although the lower stages of launch rockets fall back to Earth, the upper stages often end up in orbit. Although satellites usually de-orbit at the end of their life, they may fail prematurely and end up stuck in orbit. This category covers objects l