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Roads that recharge

As the threat of global warming forces us to search for alternative energy sources, why not look to the roads? With the right advancements, cars around the world could be producing energy as they go.

Piezoelectric roads mix traditional asphalt with piezoelectric crystals, using vibrations from passing cars to generate electricity. What makes these crystals unique is their atomic structure. Typically the atoms that build

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How It Works2 min de lectureChemistry
Making Light Of Helium
Floating in a party balloon, helium seems like harmless fun – but you also find it at the furthest extremes of heat and cold. Helium is the second-simplest chemical element: each atom is built from just two protons, two neutrons and two electrons. It
How It Works1 min de lecture
Causeway Construction
Millions of years ago, bubbling lava spurted up through the ground and created a lake of lava. What was once liquid magma cooled down and solidified. It didn’t form a single, solid sheet (shown in the illo above) but cracked into hexagonal columns.
How It Works1 min de lectureBiology
When the ovules inside the ovary become seeds, the ovary itself develops into the plant’s fruit. When the seed leaves the flower and enters the soil, as long as the environment is suitable, the seed will sprout. The beginning of the new flower’s stem