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Within each slab are four

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How It Works4 min de lecturePhysics
Letter Of The Month
■ Dear HIW, Mars is in the news lately, and I frequently read about meteorites that arrived from Mars. How do we know this? There are a zillion possible places a meteorite could come from. We have no actual samples to compare these meteorites to, and
How It Works2 min de lectureAstronomy & Space Sciences
Super-Earth Has Super-fast Orbit
We keep getting reminders that the Milky Way’s planetary diversity dwarfs what we see in our own Solar System. The newfound exoplanet TOI-1685 b is yet another case in point. Astronomers found it circling a dim red dwarf star about 122 light years fr
How It Works1 min de lectureAstronomy & Space Sciences
Stellar Tantrum
One of the rarer events to be photographed in the universe, this explosion of cosmic dust is from a Herbig-Haro object. These spindly jets of matter remained a mystery to astronomers until 1997, when it was discovered that at the centre of the jets i