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Divide and repot aloes

hybrid with its striking red and white bi-coloured flowers, has become a congested clump due to

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A Variety Of Euphorbias
Crown of thorns is more of a showstopper than other thorny plants you can plant as a security barrier along a boundary or in front of a wall along a pavement. E. milii and the modern hybrids bred from it can form low, floriferous, thorny hedges seldo
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Tasks for February
• Protect plants from powdery mildew during humid, wet weather by spaying with an organic fungicide like EcoBuz Disease Pro.• Water early in the morning during hot, dry weather.• Renew mulch around vegetables to keep the soil cool.• Fertilise fruitin
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Sassy Daisies!
The Shasta daisy is every gardener’s favourite summer perennial, because it flowers non-stop and never gives its owner any problems. We have often waxed lyrical about the beautiful Leucanthemum ‘Daisy Mae’, with its large white single blooms, but wha