L'Officiel Art

Christelle Oyiri

Christelle Oyiri (also known as CRYSTALLMESS) is a French music producer, DJ and multidisciplinary artist based in Paris.

1. Saucy Santana

I was growing increasingly bored of rap being polished and contained and

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L'Officiel Art1 min de lecture
Prada Mode Under Surveillance
Somewhere between a think-tank and a club, the eponymous brand’s institutional hybrid is currently being overseen by technophile artist Trevor Paglen and AI specialist Kate Crawford. Their live program contains a series of talks, performances, and an
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Juliette Desorgues
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L'Officiel Art3 min de lecture
300 Shades of Grey
In his large-format photographs, which sometimes exceed a meter high, there are always empty rooms: here, paved stones in the corner of a corridor; there, a worn wall, decorated with some floral patterns. Elsewhere, there are deserted landscapes, a f