History Scotland

History Scotland

David Breeze

Christopher Smout Historiographer Royal

Elizabeth Ewan University of Guelph


Mr Derek Alexander

Archaeologist, National Trust for Scotland

Dr John Atkinson

Managing Director GUARD Archaeology Ltd Medieval and post-medieval settlement

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History Scotland7 min de lecture
Linen Diaper Weaving In 18th-century Scotland
These lines from the story of Silas Marner, the linen weaver of Raveloe at a moment when he had been robbed of his life savings, remind us of an essential trade of which there is now little trace, that of the customary weaver and the weaving of linen
History Scotland5 min de lecture
Begging Your Pardon
FRESH PERSPECTIVES ON THE JACOBITE ERA BY EMERGING VOICES IN SCHOLARSHIP After a handful of Donald Cameron of Lochiel’s men slipped through Edinburgh’s grand, turreted Netherbow Port virtually unopposed, the capital of Scotland, excepting its imposin
History Scotland7 min de lecture
Highland Settlement in Northern Cape Breton Island: Pollett’s Cove, Bay St Lawrence and Meat Cove
I have often wondered what the early highland Scots thought of Cape Breton Island when they landed here. How they felt, after spending weeks at sea in cramped and creaking wooden ships, to finally spot land and realise how dense and shadowy its fores