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‘heaven in ordinarie’ […] It’s a base material, it’s a beautiful object. On one level it’s a replica, and on another level it’s totally the real deal. On one level it speaks less powerfully because it’s not the original stone, hand carved with mediaeval tools, but on another level, it’s an expression of another kind of workmanship, and of a transmutation of that eternal truth, from the 9th century through to the 20th century (Gertrude, a recent Iona resident)

In 1970 a concrete replica of the St John’s Cross arrived in Iona sitting incongruously on the deck of a puffer delivering the island’s annual supply of coal. Within a week it had been erected at the abbey, where the original cross had stood. The untold story of this intriguing

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Dr Iain A. MacInnes is senior lecturer in History at the University of Highlands and Islands. His research focuses on warfare and chivalry in medieval Scotland, with a particular focus on the 14th century. On page 10, we present part 1 of Iain’s five
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Linen Diaper Weaving In 18th-century Scotland
These lines from the story of Silas Marner, the linen weaver of Raveloe at a moment when he had been robbed of his life savings, remind us of an essential trade of which there is now little trace, that of the customary weaver and the weaving of linen
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Begging Your Pardon
FRESH PERSPECTIVES ON THE JACOBITE ERA BY EMERGING VOICES IN SCHOLARSHIP After a handful of Donald Cameron of Lochiel’s men slipped through Edinburgh’s grand, turreted Netherbow Port virtually unopposed, the capital of Scotland, excepting its imposin