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he end and immediate aftermath of the First World War was a period of frenzied revolutionary activity across Europe. In Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary, deeply-entrenched regimes were swept away by popular agitation. Elsewhere, nervous governments watched for signs of imminent revolution, and in January 1919, British prime minister David Lloyd George, already dealing with one revolutionary headache in Ireland, thought he had found another in

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History Scotland3 min de lectureIntelligence (AI) & Semantics
Final Word
Congratulations on your appointment to the Academia Europaea. What excites you most about being part of this eminent academy? Thank you! This is an important recognition of Scottish research by one of Europe’s foremost senior research bodies, emphasi
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Mapping Memorials To Women In Scotland: The Women Of Scotland Website
Memorials have been in the news, with fierce debate over the merit of statues or street names which commemorate slave-owning or slave-trading men. Memorials of women have been absent from the debate for the simple reason that there are far fewer stat
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‘If Walls Could Talk…’ Investigations At Castle Roy, Nethy Bridge
The highlands of Scotland, so long a region of disorder and unrest, have a rich heritage of medieval castles. Many of the early castles in the north were royal or baronial, their histories intertwined with the attempts of the Scottish kings to establ