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Wartime records

Ken Nisbet takes a look at resources for finding out more about ancestors who served in the Second World War, showing how detailed records of service, awards and gallantry can be discovered with a little ingenuity

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SCOTLAND’S SECOND WAR OF INDEPENDENCE (1332-57), Part 1: Two Kings, One Kingdom
Many people know about the First Scottish War of Independence (1296-1328), although they may perhaps mistakenly think that it was the only war for Scotland’s medieval independence. For while there is popular knowledge of Wallace and Stirling Bridge,
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Templars And Hospitallers: The Military-religious Orders In Scotland, 1128-1564
A letter of Andrew Forman, archbishop of St Andrews from 1514 to 1521, addresses the case of a rash layman: N., lay reader of our diocese, has shown by his petition that he has incautiously and frivolously sworn a certain vow, which was made in the p
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Victorian Justice
Juvenile Justice in Victorian Scotland Christine Kelly Edinburgh University Press, 2019 256 pages Hardcover £75.00 ISBN: 9781474427340 Before the 1850s, the majority of juvenile criminals returned to their families each night following attendance at