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In A Murmuration Of Starlings
It was duskwhen I sprang from the towerhigh over the Cambridgeshire fens.Poised at first on pointed toes,arms out-stretched, I dived ….No practised art this, no feathered bird,no death wish, just a lust for flight.No engine, but the beating of my hea
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Go With The Grain
Grain Magazine is a quarterly Canadian literary journal published by the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild and is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The title was launched in 1973 and accepts fiction, literary nonfiction and poetry from writers anywhere in
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Sticky Labels
I talked about labels in the November issue. Here are some more labels you might think apply to you. Lazy is a label. Can’t is another. No good is a label too. We are what we believe ourselves to be. Labels can stick. My mother called me lazy and for