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Where the Buffalo Roam

epictions of the wildlife of the American West were very popular at the turn of the 20th century. With “civilization” encroaching ever further on the open prairies, the public was feeling nostalgic about the old ways of, which persuasively translates the beast’s muscular frame, shaggy coat, and impassive, powerful expression into bronze.

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Art & Antiques2 min de lecture
Real or Unreal
WHEN WE speak of “realist” art, we had better be sure we know which reality we have in mind. The term is often applied to 19thcentury works that strove to depict nature and the human world in a way that would be most recognizable to those who viewed
Art & Antiques1 min de lecture
“THE POND,” A solo exhibition of Thomas McNickle’s work, is on view at Jerald Melberg Gallery through April 24. Followers of the Charlotte, N.C.- based gallery’s programming will likely be familiar with McNickle’s sumptuous paintings—the artist has b
Art & Antiques4 min de lecture
Tête-à-Tête Of The Titans
ALEXANDER CALDER and Pablo Picasso barely knew each other, and only met four times in their lives. Their works are, at least superficially, very different. Nonetheless, an exhibition now at the de Young Museum in San Francisco makes the case for comm