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Out of the Twilight Zone

RANZ JOZEF PONSTINGL teetered on the edge of oblivion for decades. He taught himself to make paintings and drawings that look like covers of science fiction books yet to be written. He spent his time making art, not marketing or promoting it. A Salvador Dalí fan, he created surrealist works when the prevailing fashion was for Pop art and minimalism. After serving in the Air Force during World War II and Korea, he eked out a living through occasional interior design work and the generosity of family. He lived mainly in rural Pennsylvania and California, far from the hub of the 20th-century art world. And once, in the late 1960s, he hauled everything

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The Nature of Things
THE ABSTRACT sculptor Mel Kendrick is getting his first retrospective, at the Addison Gallery of American Art at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass. “Mel Kendrick: Seeing Things in Things” runs from April 10 through July 31 and features more than 60 s
Art & Antiques1 min de lecture
Seeing Red
THOMAS ARVID is known around the nation as the premier painter of wine. The Detroit-born, Atlanta-based artist came to his subject by way of the color red. In the 1990s, when he was teaching himself to paint, he was drawn to the color, making hyperre
Art & Antiques9 min de lecture
The Purist
Clyfford Still sold approximately 81 works during his lifetime. He had only 15 exhibitions. But neither statistic is due to a lack of demand for the pioneering Abstract Expressionist painter’s bold and uncompromising work, nor to a dearth of output.